amy (amyhatesyou) wrote in nonuglygamers,


Guess what?

I still love you all. And this is still the best community ever.

I still live with peter_plarker (who I met HERE, 6 years ago!) and we're doing just fine.

badsk8rnac is still my BFFL and we are trying to move closer to him. Everyone should congratulate him on his success in the gaming industry! Still talk to igorxa and sabletron pretty regularly on teh Twitter and teh Facebooks, too. Oooh speaking of, are we all friends on facebook? Can you add me if we aren't? ( THAAANKS!

Are you still in touch with any NUGS? Hey, how about that 3ds? They re-released OUR FAVORITE GAME IN 3D! LET'S TALK!
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