LenNy B. (lenny_b) wrote in nonuglygamers,
LenNy B.


It's so sad to see that our community is dying. :( E3 came and went and NO ONE posted anything about it, afterwards. :( How sad!! Anyway, I've been using 1up.com a lot, recently. Since EGM is gone, I figured I'd use their website to find out any and all things about video games. I've actually managed to get in touch with a bunch of PS3/PSN gamers, this way; which is pretty awesome.

I finished my very first YouTube/1up Video Game Blog about 2 weeks ago, so if anyone has 1up; feel free to add me (I'm fairly active over there now). :] People say that it's dying out, as well, but when it comes to my PS3/PSN communities, they're actually quite active -if not, daily- Active.

I really miss our NUG community though!!!!! A LOTTT!!
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