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the .5% of hot gamers (casual gamers need not apply)

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x only stamped members can make posts and comment. if you comment/post out of turn, you will be banned. x
x send us your application within 24 hours of requesting membership to the community. x
x applicants will be stamped in a few days or when a clear majority is reached. x
x remember to always use lj-cuts. [this means put your application behind a cut] x
x don't complain to the mods if someone is rude to you; we may be the ones being rude. x
x mods > you x
x stay active and, if you don't mind, insert a link to nonuglygamers in your userinfo. x
x have fun - this is just a community. x

  • First, copy the application and fill it out.
  • E-mail the finished application to nonuglygamers@gmail.com (include your LJ screen name)
  • you are allowed to comment on your application once it is posted by a moderator.
  • do not promote to communities because the lj abuse team has stated that promotion is a form of spam, pfft.
  • make sure to post 3 or more quality pictures.
  • And most importantly... NO CASUAL GAMERS.

    (because apparently you people need them.)
  • substance! give us substance! don't come here thinking good looks are all you need.
  • run your shit through spell check like you've at least heard of dictionaries before.
  • stop saying you'd want solid snake to have your back. we're bored with that answer.

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    age of empires, age of kings, age of mythology, animal crossing, atari, battlefield, beatmania iidx, black and white, body harvest, bomberman, breath of fire, burnout, call of duty, capcom vs. snk, castlevania, chrono cross, chrono trigger, city of heroes, computer games, computers, contra, counter-strike, dance dance revolution, darkspace, ddr, deus ex, diablo, disgea, donkey kong country, doom, dragon quest, driv3r, duke nukem, dynasty warriors, earthbound, enemy territory, everquest, excite bike, final fantasy, gameboy, gameboy advance, gameboy pocket, gameboy sp, gamecube, gamers, gaming, gba, golden sun, grand theft auto, gunbound, half-life, halo, harvest moon, hot gamers, ice climbers, jet set radio, katamari damacy, king of fighters, legend of legaia, manhunt, mario kart 64, mario kart: double dash, mario paint, mario rpg, marvel vs. capcom, metal gear solid, metroid, microsoft, mortal kombat, n64, nes, neverwinter nights, ninja gaiden, nintendo, onimusha, pacman, paper boy, para para paradise, pikmin, playstation, playstation 2, pocky and rocky, pokemon, prince of persia, project gotham racing, quake, ragnarok, resident evil, rise of nations, rival schools, secret of mana, sega, sega genesis, shadow of the colossus, shenmue, silent hill, snes, sonic the hedgehog, sony, soul calibur, soul calibur ii, soul edge, soulcalibur, soulcalibur 2, splatterhouse, splinter cell, ssx, starcraft, starfox, street fighter, suikoden, super mario bros, super nintendo, super smash brothers, sword of mana, tekken tag tournament, tenchu, tetris, tetris attack, the legend of zelda, true crime, unreal tournament, video games, warcraft, xbox, xbox live, zombies ate my neighbors