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E3, who's going?!

On 1up.com, there's apparently some contest going on where if you write a Blog and explain why YOU should go to E3, 1up.com will send you there and have you Blog about your experiences. Sounds rather interesting; and since we're all on Livejournal - we should have a higher chance of winning it (since we're all exquisite writers and all. :) I already submitted an entry, but I highly doubt I could win with it. ::sigh::

Hope all is good with everyone. I'm PS3 and TV-less, so I'm bored out of my mind!! About 2 weeks until I get everything! I can't wait...
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I stopped going to E3 a few years back when they made it invite only and pretty much destroyed the convention. Now that it's reopened to the public (sort of) I'm not sure how much money and effort I expect the companies to pour into it so I haven't been able to make myself trudge out to Cali for a week.

If you do go, let me know how it is. My experience the first few times was amazing.